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Our Work

We partner with school districts, county health departments and school personnel throughout the State to identify at-risk children in need of vision care.


Transportation is a major issue for many families. In 1999, Florida's Vision Quest developed a fully equipped mobile "optometric office" that travels to schools throughout Florida. A licensed eye care professional provides comprehensive vision exams to "at risk" students. An optical technician assists with frame selection and adjustment and beautiful high-quality new eyeglasses may be manufactured on the spot. Children walk back to their classroom able to see clearly, sometimes for the very first time. High prescription eyeglasses are sent back to the lab for manufacture.

With tremendous efficiency and cost-effectiveness the Vision Mobile can provide services to a greater number of low income children in our local communities.

Florida's Vision Quest believes that literacy can be improved with early intervention for children with vision deficits. Last year, over 200 schools throughout Florida received on-site visits from our Vision Mobile.

Over 4,000 eye examinations and glasses, when prescribed, were provided free of charge by our Vision Mobile to low-income children, but the need is greater and with additional funding all children who need our help can be served.

Each donation helps to cover the cost of FVQ's Vision Mobile to provide a free comprehensive vision exam and eyeglasses to one financially disadvantaged child who failed their state-mandated school vision screening. Your contribution can help us reach our goal of providing eye examinations and glasses to all low-income school children who have no access to insurance.


Our Amazing PARTNERS

We couldn't do what we do without the generous help of our partners. See who supports Florida's Vision Quest.